Our Story

The Establishment of the Peace Track Initiative

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) was founded by Yemeni women inside and outside Yemen who came together in 2015 to support the peace process in Yemen. It was incubated in Geneva at the Geneva Center for Security Policy in 2017 and then incorporated in Canada as a non-profit incorporation (Registration No.: 1046074-5) on 22nd October 2017. The PTI is hosted at the Human Rights Research and Education Center, at Ottawa University in Canada and has an office which is hosted at To Be Foundation for Rights and Freedom in Aden, Yemen.

Yasmin Al-Nadheri (left), Rasha Jarhum (middle), Nisma Mansour (right)

Our partners


Our Networks

The MENA1325 Network is a regional network consisting of more than 300 women leaders working on advancing Women, Peace and Security agenda in the Middle East and North African Region. If you are interested to join the listserv please email us at: info@peacetrackinitiative.org

The Women Solidarity Network (WSN) aims at bringing women together to enhance women's protection, advocate for women's rights, and contribute to peacebuilding in Yemen. It consists of a diverse 270 women leaders inside and outside Yemen with different backgrounds.