Programme areas

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) working areas focuses on promoting inclusion of women and marginalized groups in the peace and political processes, as well as, promoting the protection of women's rights, and amplifying feminist knowledge leadership.

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) employs a human-rights based approach to our programs. The PTI operations are guided by the CEDAW, UNSC 1325 resolution and its relevant subsequent resolutions on Women, Peace, and Security, and internationally agreed human rights frameworks. We focus on three programme areas:

Meeting with UN OSE to Yemen, Mr Griffiths, Geneva, 2018. Photo by WILPF.


The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) supports women's inclusion in the peace process in Yemen in the three diplomatic tracks. In Track I, we advocate for women's inclusion in the delegations and send out our own independent delegation to participate on the sidelines of Track I consultations. PTI is also a Track II partner focusing mainly on holding consultations with women groups in Yemen. In Track III, the PTI acts as the technical secretariat of the Women's Solidarity Network, supporting 270 women leaders inside and outside the country to contribute to peace-building.

Protection of women

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) supports women's protection through two key programmes: 1) Documentation of women's rights violations and abuses 2) Provision of protection grants for women peacebuilders and women human rights defenders. The PTI engages regularly with international human rights mechanisms to document women's rights and support women human rights defenders to access international human rights spaces.

Photo by Yasser Abdulbaqi, Southern women for peace march, 2018.
Photo by WILPF, HRC side event, 2019.

Feminist knowledge leadership

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) launched the Feminist Leadership Fellowship. PTI support women leaders fellows in accessing international and regional spaces, as well as, supporting them in delivering statements, writing OpEds, blogs, policy papers and publishing it international and regional research and media outlets.